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Would you like more information about any of our props, need a specific photo, or have any other questions? Please ask us.
If your need is imminent, please call our office during regular business hours.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm

We are also available by arrangement before or after hours or on the weekend. Our answering service pages us with messages outside of normal business hours.





Store address

2189 Flintstone Dr, Suite A, Tucker, GA  30084  USA

Note:  (Driving directions) Mapquest, Google and the other internet direction services show our office on the south side of the Hammermill Rd "loop" instead of the back side of the loop. Check our written directions if you are unsure.

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Want more information about a specific prop?

We'll want to know:
—What you're looking for
—When you need it
—Where you are (City, State, and ZIP code)
—Your name, and a way to contact you



2189 Flintstone Red, Tucker, GA 30084
telephone 770-934-0550
fax 770-636-0081
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