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Pirate Props

Here are photos of items available for your event.

If you have questions about any of the props you see here, call 770-934-0550 or drop us an email.

Pirate Ship
Close-up Ship Stern
pirate props docks
Pirate Ship in Large Hotel Ballroom
Close-up of Ship Stern
Barrels, Kegs, Ship Stores on the Dock
treasure chest
pirate flag
Buccaneer era Cannon
Pirate's Chest filled with booty
Pirate Flag
Tiki Hut - Flat Entrance
Tiki Hut
ship wheel for game
Tiki Hut - Entrance Flat with decorations
Full Round Tiki Hut
Ship's Captain Wheel - ready for Games
captains quarters backdrop
Ship Backdrop
Treasure Chest
Captain's Quarters Vinyl Backdrop
Ship Backdrop with dock and dock props
Ship Mast
palm trees
Ship's Mast - stand alone unit
Palm Trees 8' and 12' Coconut Palms and 9' Banana Palms
tropical flowers
tropical birds
barrels crates
Various Tropical Flowers

Parrots, Cockatiels pictured. Flamingos, Seagulls available.

Casks, Barrels, Kegs, Crates


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